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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 16, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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frederick. mild temperatures today and low to mid 60's expected. a gorgeous day. some cooler weather by the middle of the week. will talk about that coming up. lisa baden has the traffic report. >> the crash inbound also plans parkway. it's the alaba-- the sootland pr alabama. divers out of southeast, keep that in mind as well. 66 miles an hour at the beltway. all moving like this. 29 gainesville, car broke down at the railroad tracks. that's gone. out of gainesville getting an 66 improving. the 70 southbound, a delayed from the river to the wreck after 1094121. that is on the right shoulder.
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a lot happening early. >> thank you. our top story, community and crisis. >> city leaders are taking action after a weekend shooting leaves a nine year-old dead inside his home. oscar. as was gunned down in the 1400 block of columb road nw on saturday night. police are cracking down on the violence. courtney robinson is in northwest of to tell us how they plan to do that. good morning. >> this has shocked many in the apartment building in columbia heights. the neighbors say the murder of this little boy shows just how unsafe, how unsecured their building is. the city is planning on doing a full inspection this morning as officers look the person responsible for killing a nine year-old little boy. it was a single bullet officers say and that someone inside the apartment that took the life of nine year-old oscar poyner says. >> i have kids of my own.
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i don't undetand what the parents must be going through. >> around 9:45 saturday night the boy was inside his apartment at 1433 columbia rd. nw. the gunman shot through the front door from the hallway. they not -- they are not saying why. >> but lot of people started to cry is when i heard after the gun shots, then the police came. >> police are watching the building 24-7. city leaders say the complex is riddled with gang activity and it's unsafe and some worry it could lead to more tragic loss of life. >> the doors are open. everybody can come here and they can use guns. >> i would like my kids to be safe in my home. we have to put a stop to this. >> salzman jem graeme pulled to the building yesterday with an inspector. they have ordered a new front door for the building to make it more secure for residents.
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-- councilman jim brgraham toured the building with an inspector. >> thank you. the government already oversees safety on airlines and on amtrak. an abortive joseph white house wants to extend that power to the nation's subsystems. that includes our metro. kathy park is live in northeast with what the federal layer of safety could mean four passengers. good morning. >> the call to lakin from the obama administration stems from what happened at the metro stations 7 months ago. the deadly metro collision. other safety issues at subway systems across the nation are some reasons why the government wants to step in. a lot in place since 1965 have
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president of federal government from regulating the subway systems. they planned to introduce a proposal to congress. congressman graemham is in favo, but some say it's another way for the gunman to grab more power. some lawmakers are concerned over how much the proposal will cost. a metro spokesperson says this is very preliminary, but the agency is in favor of more safety oversight. kathy park reporting. >> thank you. also, virginia railway express no longer expects delays of fredericksburg line today. it said last week signal work with the clippers their schedules behind, but the work went faster than they expected. the fredericksburg and manassas lines wi operate on normal schedules today. >> president obama is in china on his four nation tour through asia
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he is in beijing for a two-day visit with the chinese president, buljan tao. he was in shanghai is 24 town hall meeting with university students. he pledged to work with china to solve global, economic, and security issues. as he decides on a war strategy in afghanistan, secretary of state clinton says the u.s. needs more accountability from the country before committing to sending more aid. she says the primary mission will be defeating al qaeda in afghanistan, not staying long term. >> terror suspects being held at guantanamo bay could eventually be moved to a prison in illinois. but officials will check out the facility today. republicans are blasting the decision to put five men accused of plotting the september 11 attacks on trial in new york city. >> i'm troubled by the symbolism of it also. seems to me the obama administration is getting away from the fact that we are at war
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with these terrorists. >> we are confident about these cases. we believe this is the appropriate thing to do. but many republicans say the trial would create a security risk. would move in the detainees from guantanamo bay to illinois -- they say moving the detainees from guantanamo bay to illinois would be a security risk as well. >> is a report that following the terrorist attacks at fort hood, robertson said islam is open but not a religion but a violent political system and that those practicing it should be treated like members of a communist or fascist party." mcdonald attended law school at robertson's university. >> the wait is over in landover. the redskins have picked up another win. it took some trickery. >> going the other way. wide open.
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inside the five periods to the end zone. >> there you go. it's a fake field goal turned touchdown pass by hunter smith tied the score at 14. the skins held on to the momentum throughout to the second half, winning by a final score of 27 to 17 . more highlights and reaction coming up later. >> they look like a super team out there. i don't know what scudded to them, but we will take it. >> gives you a good feeling. >> still ahead on a monday morning, sarah palin begins her tour for new book with a one-on- one interview with oprah winfrey and some bombshells. we will never previewed. >> i feel like once we leave, that it will -- all the work to find my dad's remains will come to a stop. >> a desperate family makes a last plea for the missing remains of a war hero. >> we have some silly numbers
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outside. sunshine will be with us this afternoon. sunshine will be with us this afternoon.
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>> on from loudoun county, virginia. we're talking about weightlessness. good morning, washington. >> communities recovering from last week's nornor'easter. notes and city the wind took out a quarter of air resort. some areas were under 6 inches to 10 inches of water provides identity rain flooded streams and closed roads in southern maryland and the lower eastern
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shore is. the power is back to 95% of those customers in virginia. >> let's get to the traffic and weather. >> brian van de graaff just stepped outside. how does it feel? >> a ludacris. in roslyn it's around 50 degrees. most of the suburbs in the 40's. a couple of 30's out there. a weak cold front moved through last night. temperatures won't be as warm as yesterday. let's look at the numbers. in the 40's across the area. this afternoon and the temperatures will climb to the low to mid 60's with a lot of sunshine. it looks a nice afternoon. lots of sunshine, pleasant, mild. but the seven is the average. we will be well above that. we will talk about what is in store for the rest of the week in about 10 minutes. good morning, lisa. >> thank you for choosing us this morning.
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if your commute will take you through northwest, we'll go on massachusetts avenue. no complaints through the district along wisconsin avenue, connecticut ave. it's nice, clara barton parkway and the george washington parkway. to 95 northbound, there's a stalled vehicle at the end of the 11th street bridge as you exit onto the freeway. northbound 395 after the 14th bridge is decent. ings are loosening up on this camera, to 70 approaching 109. it leat least it is moving. the accident has been moved on to the shoulder. back to you. >> parking meter hours in arlington could eventually be extended to nights and weekends. that proposal is included in a 20-year parking plan with the county board be approving a on a weekend. it includes veritablvariable prg
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depending on the time. no action on it is expected anytime soon. >> 52 degrees in roslyn on this monday. >> a little later, sarah palin's memoir is not even out yet but it's getting a lot of attention from both sides of the political aisle. >> the countdown to lift off is on. we will tell you why the on. we will tell you why the shuttle's latest mission is
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washinton." >> in our top stories, d.c. police are searching for the gunman who killed and nine year- old boy in his own home.
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oscar fuentes died when a bullet came through the front door of its columbia heights apartment saturday night. police have charged no one yet. they will hold a press conference later this morning. >> still no sign of a five year- old north carolina girl missing since tuesday. rescue crews will resume the search for jshaniya davis. a man cari to the girl into a hotel room, caught on video. the mother is charged with human trafficking. >> if the space shuttle will bring spare parts to the internatnal space station and bring one astronaut back home. the liftoff will be tweeted for the first time ever, by a fan's. >> the family of a korean war veteran whose remains were stolen is leaving the d.c. area without recovering them. >> i feelike once we leave
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that all the work towards finding my dad's remains will come to stop. >> the family of the late colonel norbert schmidt has been pleading for help in finding and ear -- an urn that was stolen from a rented van on the national mall. it was supposed to be buried at arlington national. dadullah money to place without the remains. a funeral services will be held this morning for marine from carroll county, maryland. sergeant charles cartwright was killed and afghanistan this month while supporting combat operations. he was 26. if the funeral will take place at the union bridge fire hall where his father serves as assistant chief. >> time for look at the ather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden has the traffic report. >> not a bad ride out of waldorf. 20 minutes from cedarville to the beltway. there's a stalled car in the
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left lane in the dark. at alabama avenue, that crash is gone. the 11th street bridge crash is gone. all but a commuter out of fredericksburg, the normal volume getting through stafford. then delays begin at potomac mills. slowing their and now it's going on 395 at the beltway. now to brian van de graaff. but temperatures in the 40's. a couple of near 50 degrees readings towards hagerstown. add a few spots in the east. around 39 early this morning. not as toasty as yesterday when it was 72 degrees. a frontal system is dropping across. today. not a lot of clouds associated with it. temperatures this afternoon will be pleasant in the low 60's.
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fairly clear tonight. a few more clouds tomorrow. a system from the midwest will approach. we will progressively get more clouds. partly to mostly cloudy by wednesday. a slight chance of showers thursday and friday. tetris plaut tweeting from the upper 50's to low 60's. today will be the warmest day of the week. a few clouds afternoon. 60-65. a few clouds tonight as well. temperatures in the upper 30's. an increasing clouds tomorrow. partly cloudy. partly to mostly cloudy on wednesday. the temperature is dropping slightly. a couple of showers late thursday into friday. mostly cloudy through the day on thursday. if clearing on friday. a system could work its way off the coast and bring more clouds our way. not a bad start. you can put the umbrella away until thursday. back to you. >> sounds good. some new medications peers.
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a new study is raising questions about the safety of cholesterol drugs. >> gm is ready to repay the government. jeremy hubbard tapp the numbers from abc. >> we begin to "money scope report." with a surprise and demoted. if gm announcing this morning it will begin paying back the government's $50 billion bailout by the end of the year. it plans to return a billion dollars per quarter until the pay -- until it pays backed over $billion. it did not have to pay it back until july 2015. it is reporting its first financial results this morning since emerging from bankruptcy in july. if citigroup continues to sell assets. it is selling its stake in a japanese company for about $1 billion. citigroup has raised more than $10 billion by selling assets in japan alone this year. if the company received $45 billion in taxpayer aid. shares of merck will be in focus on wall street today after a new study raises questions about two blockbuster drugs. the study found a cholesterol
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treatments zetia and vytorin failed to sent cholesterol buildup in arteries. merck says the udy is to smallo to be conclusive. bernard madoff's personal items went for premium at auction this weekend, bringing in a million dollars. new york mets and jackets sold for $14,000. two pairs of his wives diamond earrings sold for $70,000 each. the money will be used to repay his victims. a disaster movie whiteout the competition that the weekend box office. "2012" earned $65 million domestically. $225 million worldwide. a christmas carol was in second place. mins dara ad notes finished in third place. dr. oz will answer questions about the safety of cell phones.
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that is coming up on "good morning america." >> the time is 6:20 at 62 degrees. >> inside the mind of a killer. john allen mahomet's former attorney writing a tell-all book. he says it was his client's idea. >> if today sarah palin will have an exclusive interview on "oprah" @ portlock on abc 7. -- at portlo4:00.
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>> sarah palin embarq on a media blitz to promote her new book there is some sale one for the white house could be the next step. >> now a preview. >> abc bought an advance copy of the book. she reveals where the title comes from. when she quit the alaska governorship before going on a book tour. the former vice presidential candidate tells barbara walters how she killed when she discovered a teenage daughter was pregnant. >> did you know she was sexually active? >> i didn't. that is why it was shocking. was devastated. >> she says in the book, in no way did i want to send a message teenage pregnancy was something to endorse or glamorize. and she spends their feelings when she saw her shirtless husband told their baby. she says she would never leave
6:25 am
thehim. a former running mate says he will read the copy she sent him. >> in every campaign there are tensions. the fact is i'm proud of the campaign then and i'm proud of sarah palin. >> if she does not directly address whether she will run for president in 2012, but some said the baltezore laid the groundwork. >> if she wants a career in politics, she does have one. >> she will crisscross the country on a bus to promote her book. abc news reporting from washington. >> catch the complete interview with oprah today at 4:00 right here on abc 7. then later today on abc 7 news at 5, we will have instant reaction from a panel of opinionative viewers. >> its monday. we have another half-hour ahead. >> still to come, the redskins
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losing streak was not the only reversal at fedex field. we will tell you what has changed in the stands. >> the government wants to step in after a series of subway derailment angeles and across the country. i'm kathy park. i will have a live report coming up. >> we have a nice day in store. we will talk about whether the >> we have a nice day in store. we will talk about whether the my old
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>> live and in high definition, this is "good morning washinton" on your side. >> it's 6:28 on this monday morning. looking at the capitol building, 52 degrees right now. we hope today will be something like yesterday. it was prty close to perfect yesterday. it can't be exactly like that, i know. >> not a carbon copy, but a lot of sunshine. it was 72 yesterday. we will be in the 60's today. still better than last week. >> is no rain. >> may be thursday or so. looking to the east. we see a nice start to the day. 54 degrees in hyattsville.
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a calm start today. a little patchy fog in some places. 53 is the high temperature -- 62 degrees is the high temperature today. temperatures tonight in the 40's and some of a 30's. let's talk about what is happening as burritos on. we will watch for another nice day tomorrow. a few scattered clouds tomorrow. the temperature is in the mid to upper 60's -- mid to upper 50's. lisa baden has the traffic report. >> metrorail is reporting normal service. plenty of traffic along to 70, 66, the dallas green lake. still the normal travel times even though the volume is increasing. on 270 leaving montgomery village to the beltway, this is typical heading to i-495,
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heavier volume. we will be back. looking at 95 at potomac mills to the beltway. back to you. >> transit systems like metro could soon be under the model i of the federal government. the white house says the plan would help passengers get where they are going safely. not everyone wants more regulation. kathy park is in northeast with some passenger reaction to this. good morning. >> reaction is mixed about this call to action from the obama administration, stemming from what happened at the metro station here several months ago, the debt limit collision and other serious incidents at substation a -- subway stations across the country prompted this. the obama administration plans to change a 1965 rule. the proposal is in response to a
6:32 am
rise in collisions, derailments, and the worker fatalities across the country. one incident that stand out happen locally on june 22. lawmakers are calling for more oversight. >> that is what we have been living with. we're asking for federal safety standards. >> the u.s. the problems of transportation would keep track of safety certification programs, similar to what is already in place for airlines and amtrak. >> we need this action. our transit systems, all of them in the u.s. need this. >> reactions are mixed from passengers. >> it is silly, did, and an excuse to grab more power. >> i think it might make us a little safer, but i don't think it will speed anything up. >> the transportation secretary expects a plan to be presented to congress in just a few weeks. a metro spokesperson says the
6:33 am
agency welcomes any additional safety oversight. kathy park reporting. >> thank you. there is a new metro parking garage that opened an hour-and- a-half ago. the $60 million garage is at the minnesota avenue station on metro's orange line. four levels, 333 parking spaces. it replaces a surplus parking lot with the same number of spaces. a virginia railway express is no law respecting delays on the fredericksburg line today. it's a glass work signal work would likely push the schedules behind, but the work went faster than expected. fredericksburg and manassas lines will operate on normal schedule today. half >> police are stepping up patrols in a northwest d.c. neighborhood where a child was killed inside is all. nine year-old oscar poyner nez was shot saturday night at 1433 columbia road in columbia heights. talks were fired in a hallway through a door.
6:34 am
it appears the shooter was targeting someone inside that apartment, but not a child. police have questioned several people, but no arrests have been made. the iranian parliament calls the u.s. government's attempt to seize several religious sites disgrace. iran in officials say joe's obama's -- it iranian officials said president obama's pledged for change was not true and that is just like president bush. >> congress is moving forward with its investigation into the shootings at fort hood, despite president obama's call to hold off. lawmakers plan to start hearings this week to investigate possible ties that hasan may have had with terrorist groups. the radical imam called the fort hood attacked acceptable under
6:35 am
islam. >> it's been a week since the d.c. sniper was put to death. one of his attorneys plans to write a book about him. jay wendell goler and with a standby attorney during the 2006 trial. he said that the end muhammed became close and that the book was his client's idea. -- that thhe and mohammad becae close. >> the denvethe dequarterbac for the redskins was on the bench. that meant an opportunity for the backup quarterback ladell betts to prove his worth. did did he ever? the 27-17 upset win over the broncos. >> it is all about winning. those have been hard to come by
6:36 am
for us all year. i am glad to get in front of our fans. glad i was able to provide a little spark as well. >> do we have a running back controversy? the coach says there isn't. the redskins increase their record to 3 and 6 with momentum going into dallas. >> freedom of speech is back at fedex field. the redskins have revised a ban on bringing signs into the stadium. now you can bring signs and banners as long as they areeven "good taste and don't block the view of other fans. if the team issued the crackdown last month, citing fan security and comfort. >> in our bloomberg report, all eyes on retail sales as the value of the dollar keeps dropping. linda bell is in new york with that. >> good morning. the retail industry, the dollar,
6:37 am
and commodities in focus on wall street this morning. the dollar is under pressure again. gold hit a fresh record high this morning. investors are stepping up purchases of the precious metal as some take shelter from a weakening dollar. if the dollar is weakening after the head of china's banking regulations said if the continuing depreciation of the dollar would seriously impact global asset prices. signs of stronger than expected economic growth in japan is also sparking dollar sales. stock-index futures on the rise as the dollar weakens. if the american consumer is in focus this morning as the commerce department releases a report on retail sales for the month of october. economists predict a rebound, which may indicate a brighter holiday shopping season. one analyst tells barron's that the fourth quarter of 2009 will be retail nirvana for their earnings perspective. best buy, idolatry, and the gap are among retailers that could get a boost this holiday season because of leaner inventories
6:38 am
and better cost management. don't expect big price cuts like last year. limited merchandise offerings will help retailers avoid price cuts during and after this year's holiday shopping season. that is business news. i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 6:37 on this monday, 52 degrees. what's local honors for paul carnie. the big award for the former beatle. if president obama is in china this morning. i will tell you what he said taro aso of chinese students. that is a dead. > -- i will tell you what he that is a dead. > -- i will tell you what he
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. 6:40 on a monday. yesterday was gorgeous. it was 72 degrees. today it is clear to start. the sun rising. a local to start. through this afternoon it will be pretty mild. not bad for this time of year. looking good in frederick at 44 degrees at the space lab. a light breeze. that will continue throughout the afternoon. it will be out of the north. today we are calling for highs
6:42 am
in the low to mi 60's with a lot of sunshine. a few extra clouds tomorrow with highs in the mid 50's. mid 50's on wednesday. a shower possible on thursday and friday. some added clouds. partly sunny this weekend in the 50's. the next three days will be dry, basically. lisa baden has the traffic report. >> we still have a slocum you -- and a slow, new spirit traffic across the american legion bridgeeems to be moving nicely in both directions. looking at traffic out of manassas, eastbound delays are close to 29 dansville to get off and ontiveros this morning with a couple of breaks in between. i told you earlier about a crash at the visitor center. that is completely gone. eastbound on 66,.
6:43 am
95 in virginia, delays are typical from the parkway getting into floriston. if you are headed to southern maryland on route 5, route 4, and the parkway, the earlier accident at alama avenue is completely gone. let's go back inside. >> thank you. it's monday, 52 degrees. >> coming up, president obama talks if cooperation and security in shanghai. >> if we will have the latest on all the top stories. also, rerating for the space shuttle to launch in florida. looks good so f for the weather. we will keep you posted on that
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>> , f5, a reaction from the
6:46 am
much anticipated oprah winfrey's sarah palin interview. that's at 4:00. then at 5:00, to watch rty, we will get the reaction from a panel of opinionated viewers. will this affect sarah palin's political lanambitions? that's tonight at 5:00. >> your watching "good morning washinton" on your side. >> time for a check of the top stories. >> we begin with the search for souter after nine year-old boy was gunned down inside his own home. oscar whenevez died when a bullet came through the front door of its columbia heights apartment on saturday night. -- osc fuentes. >> there's a washinon post
6:47 am
reports is the obama administration plans to propose that the u.s. transportation department takeover safety regulations on the nation's subway and light rail systems. the radical imam who communicated with the ford a good shooting suspect the city never pressured him to harm americans, but called the attacks acceptable under islam. lawmakers plan to start hearings into the student is weak. >> nasa is fueling the space shuttle atlantis for a loss today. if scheduled to blast off shortly before 2:30 this afternoon. it will take spare prts to the international space station and bring one astronaut's back home. there's a 70% chance thatthe weather will cooperate there today. >> president obama is calling for renewed cooperation with america's allies in china. >> the announcement came during an overnight meeting with students in shanghai. the president sent a strong peering through the regime,
6:48 am
calling it to accept universal rights. matt brock is in our satellite center with details. >> august 1 presidential visit to china president along something quintessentially american, all meeting. -- the town hall meeting. he kicked off his visit with the next generation. >> breed[the president reading e people in chinese -- giving a greeting in chinese] >> the president said the free flow of information makes a country stronger. >> because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable. they can begin to think for themselves.
6:49 am
that generates new ideas. it encourages creativity. so i have always been a strong supporter of open internet use. >> the student asked about his winning the nobel peace prize. >> i think the committee was inspired by the american people and the possibility of changing not only america but also america's approach to the world. so in some ways i think they gave me the prize but i was more just a symbol of this shift. but the remarks might have been screened on the internet, but they did not make it onto chinese television. they only showed video on the official television networks there. if the president will spend the rest of his chinese visit on more traditional diplomacy if with local communist party officials. if in beijing, leadership is a
6:50 am
crucial partner in so many issues on the american agenda. matt brock reporting from a satellite center, abc 7 news. >> it's time for a look at the traffic and the weather. >> it's hard to improve upon yesterday. mid november, people wearing shorts and t-shirts. >> finally today we will have sunshine. not as warm as yesterday. in the 60's. sunrise at 6:52. god bless those guys up there 37 stories high. a little fog and a couple of places. it will be a very nice day. let me tell you what is going on outside. let me give you the breakdown. there's a cold front slowly dropping across. . wind out of the north. not as warm as yesterday. plenty of sunshine this afternoon.
6:51 am
highest it in a 60's, lows in the 30's tonight. at a bus stop this morning, in the 40's. it will finish nicely in the low to mid 60's. lisa baden has the traffic report. >> news choppers 7 has been looking at traffic over the prince william parkway at the the government center. there's an accident eastbound. traffic is able to get around that by inching to t right. prince william parkway east bound heading towards the government center. not so bad. we will change the camera. the headlights in this camera are northbound 95. that's getting up to the beltway. loudoun county traffic looks ok. we have a little heavier volume on the dollar's greenway heading to the dulles toll road.
6:52 am
moving, but a stey pace out of germantown southbound getting to the beltway. metrorail is reporting everything on time. we'll come back w
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>> the president talks about
6:55 am
freedom, but the chinese don't put it on television. also, the fort hood shooter, news about the imam. also, and turning holiday work into a full-time job. also, sarah palin coming out with her new book. along with music from noel jo -- nora jones. >> the adair county connector told charges could be waived. it is currently $6 for trip from one end to the other. >> federal officials are deciding whether to hold guantanamo bay detainees in illinois. critics are questioning bringing the suspects on u.s. soil. >> former gov. salsarah palin will sit down for an interview with oprah winfrey
6:56 am
today. it coincides with the release of her memoir. >> paul mccartney can add another honor to his long list of accomplishments. >> what we have is low traffic on 66 eastbound getting out of manassas hand into centreville. on 95 there are delays near the prince william parkway. headlights heading north on 95. southbound 95 maryland delays are normal from 198 down to the beltway. if you are on the auto, you will slow from 95 edd georgia ave. -- if you are on the. >> temperatures in the 40's to near 50 degrees downtown. plenty of sunshine expected. not as mild as yesterday. we are in the low 40's downtown, 30's in the suburbs.
6:57 am
tomorrow the clouds will increase. prada cloudy on tuesday with temperatures in the 50's. 55 on wednesday with clouds increasing. there could be showers thursday and friday. temperatures are not fluctuating much. mid 50's on a weekend with a mix of sun and clouds. that is it. the next update coming up at 7:22. "good morning america" is next. captioned by the national captioning institute
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